The "Procedures for Video Taping NCHA Approved Events" (NCHA Rules and Regulations) states that "Only NCHA certified videographers should be used. Certification requires passing the written NCHA test."

The "NCHA Certification" process is a two step procedure:

1) Pass the on-line Certification Test which is found under the
     "Certification" menu selection located on the website sidebar.

2) After the test has been taken and an 80% (minimum) grade has been obtained, the participant MUST register their contact information.
     The testing procedure will automatically prompt the user to register
     and will then take the participant to the Create Login page.
     After inputting the login id, i.e., e-mail address and creating
     a password the user is then taken to the Registration page.

     Contact information in the form of a mailing address, phone number,
     e-mail address, etc. is required to complete this process. Once this
     information is obtained, the participant's information will be added
     to the NCHA Registered Videographer database and will then be
     displayed on this site.

Once the Registration process has been completed, the videographer
can then login to modify any personel information that may have
changed after the initial registration process was initiated. The "Login"
menu selection is located on the website sidebar.

The user's e-mail address and password is required. This information
was obtained during the Registration procedure.

ONLY the videographer's personal information is accessible via the
login procedure. No other videographer's database record can be
accessed without logging in and inputting the e-mail address and
password of that person.

Therefore, it is imperative that your login information is not divulged
to anyone.