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NCHA Video Support Team

NCHA Videographer Support Website

Critical Notes Section

This section is dedicated to NEED TO KNOW Information!!!

ALL videographers MUST fill out the Code of Ethics and send it to the NCHA Director of Judges office!

Important Forms Section

Refer to this section to Print MANDATORY Forms

Click the Titles Below to View and Print Forms:

Code of Ethics Form

Weekend Field Monitor's Report Form

After passing the test and registering...

MANDATORY NEW NCHA Videographer's training video to be watched!!! Click on the "TRAINING" link in the menu bar to see it.

Current NCHA Videographers...if you send me video links for review purposes, it MUST be for review on-line only. Do not send me down links. I do not accept download videos for review.

Real Time Certification Status

NCHA’s HUB system is now the official repository of videographer certification.  Secretaries and members now have real-time access to videographer status and contact information.

You can see the current list at this link:

Individuals interested in becoming a certified videographer can review the certification process on the NCHA website:

Individuals wishing to recertify should follow the same process and once payment is received, the NCHA VST support team will reach out via email with next steps.

For Membership or Videographer Fee questions contact:

For Testing or Media submission processes contact: