Video Support Team

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Primary concern:

NCHA judge's monitors are continuously having issues with video sent for review that are of substandard quality because of various technical issues caused (directly or indirectly) by the video operator.

Mission Support Statement:    

An NCHA Video Support Team (VST) has been organized to guide and assist video businesses supporting the NCHA that have technical challenges/issues that have been identified by an NCHA judge's monitor.

When deemed necessary, letters come from the Office of the Director of Judges to the video business in question identifying the video issues.  This response will then initiate the VST protocol.  This protocol includes sending a copy of the letter to the VST office. Because video production is a visual medium an accompanying DVD with the questionable footage will be provided to the VST along with the letter.

Upon receipt of the VST package the video footage will be reviewed and the issues clarified in technical terms.  A designated VST member will contact the video business owner to begin technical assistance.  The VST will work with the video production business to resolve the issue and will track what assistance was given and the resolution accomplished.  A notification of the contact and results will be sent to the reporting NCHA judge's monitor.